Creating Warmth

On a cold dreary or rainy fall day all most of us want to do is curl up on the couch with a good book, a cup of tea, and maybe a companion. We have a tendency to draw inward to sluggishness when what we should be doing is moving more, not less. We have the ability to create warmth from the inside out through movement. Have you ever rubbed your hands together creating friction and thus warmth? This same concept can be transferred to the body as a whole to take your whole person from chilled to warm in less than twenty minutes.

It's no coincidence that many yoga classes contain a "warm up" of the sequence known as the sun salutation. The Sun Salutation was created to begin to generate heat in the body as preparation for more complex postures or meditation. After just a few flows through the sun salutation, deepening your folds and stretches with each repetition, yogis find themselves pealing off layers of clothing and beginning to feel warm. The Vinyasa - or flow with the breath - helps to generate an internal heat that warms the body from the inside out.

So, next time you find yourself wanting to curl up under a heavy blanket, pull out your yoga mat and create your own heat through movement.