Introducing Corporate Yoga

Yogapath St. Louis has a new exciting program! Beginning in the new year (January 2015) Yogapath St. Louis will be offering a corporate yoga program. Your company or organization must have a group of at least five (5) individuals wanting to practice yoga on a regular basis OR want to offer a yoga workshop at a company retreat, picnic, or other one time event. Yogapath's lead instructor will meet with your group organizer to find out your group goals for a regular yoga practice, explain the benefits of a regular yoga practice as a group, and crate a custom tailored corporate yoga program especially for your group or organization. Classes and workshops will be held on site at your place of business at a time that is convenient for your employees. The ideal corporate program offers class once or even twice a week, but less frequent options may be available.

To find out how you can bring yoga to your organization or business, contact Yogapath St. Louis today at!