Morning Meditation

I began a morning meditation practice in college. I chose the morning as it was the only time i could guarantee the dorm would be quiet enough to meditate. For me, meditation was a way to train away the chatter in my head that negatively impacted my concentration. When I first began meditating, I had no clue what people meant by "clear your mind." How do you not think? It's impossible. My answer to that question hasn't changed. Today, when I teach people to meditate I don't tell my students to "clear their mind." Instead, I instruct them that as thoughts come into their mind, acknowledge them and set them aside to deal with later.

It helps to think of your brain as a filing cabinet. You have a drawer for each part of your life. Sometimes things will try and misfile and cross over from the "Kids and Family" drawer to the "Yoga" drawer. Mentally pick the misfiled thought up and place it back in the "Kids and Family" drawer to deal with at Kids and Family time. Refiling thoughts gets easier with practice and with even more practice, fewer thoughts will be misfiled.

Have you tried to Meditate? What was the result? Would you try again with the filing cabinet method?