Introducing the "Commit to You Card" Pre-paid Yoga Program

The best way to fully experience the benefits of yoga is to make a commitment. So Yogapath St. Louis is proud to introduce the "Commit to You" pre-paid class card program. The way it will work is each student will purchase a class card for 5, 10, or 20 classes at a time. Cards will be your class pass and paid in full in advance. Each time we have class it could be a private or have up to five students. This would be an "open" class. A student's price won't change based on the number of students in their open class.

If a student wanted a "closed" class or a class that is guaranteed to be private or semi-private with 1-2 other known students, this would not be eligible for a class card and would be subject to standard Yogapath St. Louis private/semi-private pricing.

Terms and conditions of class cards. 1. Students must pre-register/pre-schedule for class. 2. No-shows forfeit that class - make-ups are not offered for no-shows. 3. Students are held to a 24-hour cancelation policy and will loose a class if canceled in less than 24-hours except in special emergency circumstances approved by YSTL staff. 4. If the instructor must cancel class, 24-hours notice will be given at minimum and class will be rescheduled for the same week if possible. 5. Class cards may not be shared between students. 6. No refunds for any reason.

Pricing for class cards: 5 open classes: $80 (expires 2 months after purchase) 10 open classes: $140 (expires 4 months after purchase) 20 open classes: $240 (expires six months after purchase)

For now, class cards must be purchased in person with cash or check. Credit cards accepted with an additional $2.50 processing fe per transaction.

The preliminary open class schedule will be released soon.

We are super excited to offer this common package deal! As always, if you have any questions, please let us know!

All are welcome on the mat.